Queen Elisabeth Howard Appearances
Ms. Senior California 2012 - Ms. Senior America 2012

2013 Appearances
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January 20 - Music Center Spotlight Awards - Los Angeles, California
Taught a Master Class for non-classical Singers
Elisabeth taught a Master class for Music Center Spotlight Awards semifinalists. This photo is with veteran Broadway performer/Spotlight Master Class teacher Karen Morrow, and Director of the Music Center Spotlight Awards, Jeri Gaile.

January 12 - "Breakfast with Gary and Kelly" on KSBR 88.5FM at the Norman P. Murray Center, Mission Viejo, California. Guest of Honor
As a guest at the "Breakfast with Gary and Kelly" show on KSBR 88.5FM

January 24 through January 27 - NAMM Show - Los Angeles
Guest appearance at the Alfred Publishing booth
At the NAMM Show with Lisa Loeb
At the NAMM Show with a Rocker who just purchase Elisabeth Howard's books
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Ms. Senior America 2012
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February 13 - 55th Annual Grammy's/Birthday Celebration for
Breast Cancer Awareness Guest Appearance

March 9 - Ms. Senior Culver City Preliminary Pageant - Culver City, California

March 16 - Ms. Senior Inland Empire Preliminary Pageant -
Riverside, California

April 6 - Ms. Senior Orange County Preliminary Pageant - Mission Viejo, California

April 27 - Ms. Senior Tennessee State Pageant - Nashville, Tennessee
Elisabeth Howard, Ms. Senior California/Ms. Senior America 2012 attended the Tennessee State Pageant on April 27 and was present for the crowing on Ms. Senior Tennessee 2013, Carolyn Corlew.

May 4 - Ms. Senior Pasadena Preliminary Pageant - Pasadena, California

May 19 - Ms. Senior Conejo Valley Preliminary Pageant - Thousand Oaks, California

May 20 thru June 2 - Conducting Vocal Power Workshops - Brecia and Bolzano, Italy

June 3 & 4 - Ms. Senior New Jersey Pageant - Atlantic City, New Jersey

June 29 - Ms. Senior Long Beach Preliminary Pageant - Long Beach, California

July 12-14 - Ms. Senior Missouri State Pageant - near St. Louis, Missouri

July 15 - University Village Retirement Home - Thousand Oaks

July 20 - Ms. Senior Santa Clara Preliminary Pageant - Santa Clara, California

August 31 - Ms. Senior California of America, Inc. State Pageant - Westminster, California

October 20-25 - Ms Senior America 2013 Pageant - Atlantic City, New Jersey

November 2013 - Presentation of Vocal Power Method techniques included in a four-day conference titled "La Voce Artisica" directed by Dr. Franco Fussi. - Ravenna, Italy

Elisabeth Howard 2012 Appearances

December 17 - California Copyright Conference Party - North Hollywood, CA Celebrity guest along with Jeff Silbar, composer of "Wind Beneath My Wings"
At the Annual Dinner of the California Copyright Conference with Jeff Silbar, composer of "Wind Beneath my Wings"

October 21 - Women's Conference - Long Beach, California - Guest of Honor
Elisabeth Howard, honored guest, being interviewed at the Women's Conference

September 27 - Interview on campus television - Los Angeles, California Guest of Honor on CU@USC , #1 College Television talk show

September 18 - Interview with The Pulse - Anaheim, California Guest of Honor as Ms. Senior California 2012; interview by Ron Roberson. Interview On YouTube

September 16 - California Ethnic World Pageant in Los Angeles, California Guest of Honor at "A Beauty Pageant from the Heart" with Della Reese
After attending the Ethnic Pageant, Elisabeth met Della Reese who was a Pageant Judge