Elvia Harris, CEO

A self starter in business, Elvia, has the background and skill to create, organize, and manage a successful organization. Ms. Harris has held leadership positions throughout her lifetime. Elvia has spent her career preparing women for major events in their lives. With the announcement of Pamela Wheeler's retirement, Elvia knew she was ready to be considered for the position. Elvia was selected by the Ms. Senior California of America Board of Directors, to assume the leadership of the Board and CEO for the California pageant program.

Internationally trained in the beauty industry, Ms. Harris owned her business, "Panache", a high fashion salon/spa. Elvia's impressive knowledge and leadership qualities in the world of fashion and marketing earned her a position to serve on the prestigious New York-based, "Clairol Presidential Council". Ms. Harris was one of six expert industry leaders in the field of beauty to be selected from all over the USA. Her career in the beauty and fashion industry prepared Elvia to master the art of competitive runway modeling, music, and choreography. She received an award for "Outstanding Latina Woman in Business" from the pageant "Senorita Amistad Latina", association.

Elvia has served as President of the Cameo Club and is director of the Ms. Senior San Diego Pageant. Over the coarse of the past several years she has choreographed and assisted at the State Pageants.

Ms. Harris is the Founder/Executive Producer of "Sounds Divine" Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Passionate about singing and performing, Elvia has an impressive 20 year career in special private performances, community theater, and runway productions. Her vocal ensemble, "Sounds Divine" has been featured at major venues in Southern California.

Passionate about giving back to her community, Ms. Harris held the position of "Family Faculty Association" President for her daughter's school, and President of her professional organization. Elvia spearheaded fundraising events to raise awareness and money for battered and abused children's agencies. Here in her community of San Diego, she chaired an event, "Festival Amen" to raise money for Polinsky Children Center, Catholic Charities, and Jewish Family Services.

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Carl Mattina, Ph.D., Public Relations and Sponsorships

Since moving to San Diego almost thirty years ago, Carl Mattina, Ph.D. has had many accomplishments to his credit. Dr. Carl started out as a Certified Massage Therapist and soon earned his Doctorate in Natural Health. He owned and operated his private practice for more than twenty years. He believes and practices preventive medicine.

Dr. Carl's passions also lie outside the realm of natural health. Civic Dance Arts offered Dr. Carl the opportunity to serve on their Board for more than ten year; five years, of which, he was President. Civic Dance Arts is a large organization with about 3,500 students. During his tenure on the Board, he developed "circles of giving" which raised substantial revenues for the organization.

After joining the Board of Directors of Ms. Senior California of America, Inc., Dr. Carl instituted his "circles", and called it "Circles of Royalty". Dr. Carl continued his fundraising efforts by co-producing a sponsorship packet in which every person may contribute, in varying amounts, to help with soaring costs of maintaining high quality pageant productions, thus, assuring our future growth in honoring women who exemplify grace, dignity, maturity and inner beauty.

Dr. Carl's fascination with the theatre arts has been ongoing since childhood in Boston, Massachusetts. In San Diego, he has appeared in theatrical productions and numerous film roles. He is a featured dancer, freelance choreographer, vocalist and actor. He was recently a finalist in a dance competition for "Dancing with the Stars at Sea" (Holland America Line). He also co-choreographed the opening number of the Ms. Senior California 2014 State Pageant.

Dr. Carl is no stranger to volunteer work. Presently, he prepares meals at "Special Delivery" for those who are ill and housebound. He received multiple awards including the distinctive "Star Award" for "outstanding volunteer" from the Performing Arts League for his dedication to the arts in serving "Civic Dance" and "Sounds Divine".

As a member of Ms. Senior California Board of Directors, Dr. Carl is hopeful that the 2016 Preliminary and State Pageants will be huge successes.

Ms. Senior California of America, Inc. - Board of Directors

Elvia Harris, Ms. Senior CA Administrator/CEO
Lindy Hodges, Secretary
Judy Backencamp, Treasurer
Judith Talbot, Board Member
Carl Mattina, Board Member
Marilyn Anderson, Board Member